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Open House / All Welcome / Free, No charge
The Franklin Institute
This Past JUNE 10, 2015 ~ 7:15 PM.

Meeting Notice

This meeting is free and open to all, students encouraged to attend. 

Members will present their astronomical related topics to all who are interested.  No admittance fee, just bring your enthusiasm.  Thinking of joining us for our next academic year (2015-16) ?  This is a great way to meet some of our members and learn of their interests.


 Dr. Paul Halpern
Shrodinger's Cat

 Dan McCormick

 David Walker
This is Rocket Science

 Manny Lim
How RAS has changed

 Charles Young
Edmund Scientific

 Renee Stein
My Summer Observing Wish List

 Denise Vacca
Astronaut Twins

 James Bauman
North Penn Planetarium

 Kyle Nemeth
Superluminal Motion

 Nicholas Anderson
Zero's Rainbow Warriors

 Eric Carter
Astronomical League

 Mitch Berger
Heavens Above




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Our Past
May 13 Meeting:
Ed McCaffrey
 Music Methacton School District,
 The Planets:
Gustav  Holst   


Gustaf Holst's most famous suite of music was centered on the Mythology of the Planets.  Specific musical characteristics were chosen to convey ideas about each planet.  Tonight we compare some mythological interpretations with some of the current scientific facts that we know of our planetary system.

Meeting Schedule
Listing of meeting agenda and future meetings.



Mr. Ed McCaffrey has presented this at the Mallon Planetarium (Methacton School District), The Hayden Planetarium (American Museum of Natural History), and now returns to assist us in our musical voyage through the solar system.

If you'd like to prepare or review this presentation, Mr. McCaffrey's students use a specially prepared PowerPoint Presentation.



Meeting is free of charge and open to all who are interested in the Philadelphia City Wide Telescope Night

Our Past
April 8 Meeting
Franklin Institute 7:15 PM.

Dr. Derrick Pitts
Philadelphia Science Festival
/ Thirty Meter Telescope

Meeting Notice
 [Meeting Schedule Here]

Special Guest Appearance by Caroline Herschel (Lynn King) who represents us at the Philadelphia Science Carnival on the Parkway.


 Special Presentation /
Donation from
recognizing society member participation in their Japanese Animation Conference
conducted at

Cameron P. presents Kortoricon Donation of $500.00.  Accepting are members at large Fern C., Ted W., Carol L. Mike M., Eric C., Denise V.,
Dan M., Renee S., Joe S., Dave W.


March 11, 2015 Meeting:
The Franklin Institute
Open to the public, no admittance fee, membership not necessary,
students encouraged to attend.


Our most recent Newsletter

Rittenhouse All Stars

Our society pools it's talent to bring you the ultimate "Users Short Guide" to Astronomy.  We will jointly present a Binocular to Giant Dob orientation of tools and what you can expect to see with them.  Ted Williams will highlight the various tools to get you started, and members will assist with what astronomical sites can be observed with those tools.

Renee Stein / Dave Walker / Shawn Rush/
  Mike Mountjoy / Al  Ryan / Joe Stieber / Ted Williams

Music By:
Celestial Soundscapes / Daniel McCormick

How many can you identify?
Denise Vacca


Meeting Notice
 [Monthly Meeting Schedule Here]

Our past February 11, 2015 meeting
Franklin Institute 7:15 PM

 Free no admittance fee, membership not required,
students encouraged to attend.

Assistant Professor John Bochanski from Rider University will join us as guest presenter .

  Astronomy in the Era of Large Surveys 


January 14, 2015 Meeting @ The Franklin Institute
Patrick McQuillan: Education and Public Outreach Specialist






Our PAST December 10, 2014  Meeting
 at The Franklin Institute
 We welcome the return of
Dr. Paul Halpern  of the
University of the Sciences

"Did Einstein and Schrodinger Discover Dark Energy?"


Meeting is open to the public, no fee or membership required to attend.  Students encouraged to attend, interest is all that is necessary.

Dr. Halpern's Publications @ Amazon
Dr. Halper presented his upcoming publication of Einstein's Dice and Schrodinger's Cat.  It will be available soon, but consider also his other works as great holiday gifts.  We highly recommend "What's the Matter With Pluto" for that 7-12 year old who has a quest for knowledge.



Franklin Institute
This Past November 12, 7:15 PM
Astronomy Gift Ideas

Members will share some of their favorite astronomy gifts just in time for the holiday season.  Presenters include:

Denise, Ted W., Dave, Renee, Mitch, Mike, Joe, Alan, Eric,
Ted C. and Al


Our  PAST October 8 Meeting,
Our guest presenter was the Author/Creator of

Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss
October 8th @ The Franklin Institute 7:15 PM

We welcome back Jerry Lodriguss at the publication of his new digital masterpiece (and we don't use that term lightly!)  Jerry has quite a background as an accomplished astrophotographer.  His work has been highlighted at Astronomy Picture of the Day on multiple occasions.  He will feature selections from his newest publication
 "Astrophotographer's Guide to the Deep Sky"

Last October (2013)  Joe Stieber and Wayne King guided us in the first steps at sky photography.  Jerry Lodriguss takes that interest to the next level this October with amazing targets and helpful information on what to photograph and results you can expect.


This Past September 10th, 2014 at the
Franklin Institute 7:15 PM
we proudly hosted our guest presenter:

Dr. Carter Emmart


from the American Museum of Natural History;
Rose Science Center's Hayden Planetarium

As the Director of Astrovisualization, Carter Emmart directs groundbreaking space shows and heads up development of an interactive 3D atlas called The Digital Universe.  He coordinates scientists, programmers and artists to produce scientifically accurate yet visually stunning and immersive space experiences in the AMNH's Hayden Planetarium.  Over the last decade, he has directed four shows: Passport to the Universe, The Search for Life: Are we Alone?, Cosmic Collisions and Journey to the Stars.






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