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Our Past June 12 Meeting:

OPEN HOUSE -All Welcome
Franklin Institute 7:15 PM

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Our open house is open to all interested in attending.  Members will be taking center stage to share their interest and passion to all who are interested.  Interested in joining us in September as a member?  Check us out this June for free.  Our special schedule includes (but not limited to):

7:15- Welcome
7:20- Alan Daroff -
Sky Report
7:30- Denise Vacca-
Stars on the Move / Southern Stars
7:40- Chris Richardson -
Molecular Biology / Southern Stars
7:50- Shawn Rush -
RAS You-Tube Initiative
8:00- Milt Friedman-
President's Address
8:10- Ted Williams-
Tablet Astronomy
8:20- Dan McCormick -
Celestial Soundscapes
8:30- Dave Walker -
Kepler Report - End of Mission?
Dr. Ken Kremer- "LADEE Lunar and Antares ISS Rocket Launch from Virginia"
9:00- Observatory viewing if weather permits, Directed Social if not

Our Past May 8, 2013 meeting: 
Dr. Milton Friedman ; President
 David Rittenhouse,
The Astronomer who Helped Save Philadelphia

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Our past April 10 Meeting:
Pep Rally/
Calling all telescope volunteers from
All Area Astronomy Clubs Invited to Attend!
Special Night: Guest speaker
Dr. Derrick Pitts
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    @ Franklin Institute

APRIL 26, 2013



Our Past March 13, 2013 meeting: 
Dr. Dave Spiegel
Post Doctoral Member
Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton
Meeting open to the public, students encouraged to attend.
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What Affects Potentially Earth Like Planets that Might be Good Abodes for Life

Our Past meeting: 
February 13, 2013 ~ 7:15 pm.
Franklin Institute

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A new Quasar has erupted in a star system called Centennial School District  located in a constellation known as Warminster PA. 
Quasars are thought to be an immense outpouring of energy as a galaxy is formed.  It is a rare and special occurrence when one erupts so close that it is virtually in our back yard!.  Philip Vinogradov will be our guest presenter who will inform us about this special occurrence.



 Philip Vinogradov (Director of the 21st Century Learning Lab)  guides us through the universe (above) in the domed exhibition center.

Collaborating with students in one of the learning laboratories.

Just as a Quasar, Centennial School District has invested in what will be an amazing outpouring of learning energy powered by students in the district.   Please check out their "21st Century Learning Lab"  to get an overview of what the program is about.  The centerpiece of the facility is a domed exhibition area (which doubles as a Planetarium.)  Bravo Centennial School District!  The support of scientific excellence that the Centennial School District Community has invested in is to be commended!


Lovin' It !

For the Astronomy portion of our lesson:
Come hear some of the greatest love stories ever told.  Dave, Denise, Ted will be our storytellers as Dan plays live for our celestial soundscape.  Join us as we bring some mythological love stories inspired by the stars above to our members this Valentine's eve!

Caroline Herschel
portrayed by Lynn King,
is stopping by to wish
Rittenhouse a Happy Anniversary
and to invite us back to the
Philadelphia Science Festival
this Spring!


Special Occasion, Special Guest Speaker, Special Date,
Dr. Robert Nemiroff 
Michigan Technical University

This past January 3, 2013
(Note change in regular meeting date
  [ Press Release ]       [ Meeting Notice

Creator & editor of one of the internet's first hyperlinked educational tools relative to all levels of learning.  A web- site where visitors learn what they need by hyperlinked information allowing a totally independent course of study!

Flying Over the Earth at Night

Rosetta Approaches Asteroid Lutetia

Virtual Flight Over Asteroid Vesta

Curiosity Before Mars: Seven Minutes of Terror

Simulation: A Disk Galaxy Forms

A Space Shuttle on the Streets of Los Angeles

Our Story in One Minute

Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth

Dr. Robert Nemiroff  (Astronomy Picture of the Day) recently paid our society  a visit to review some of the greatest hits of 2012 (this was open to the public.) 

This year he included an amazing selection of video clips. We promised we would share these for members to "relive" the experience.  Guests, if you are not familiar with APOD, now is a good time.
 Thanks so much Robert!


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

Credit & Copyright: Elana Kestrel (Dreamcircle)

Robert Nemiroff will join us for a return engagement to address members, guests and the general public. This special event is open to all who are interested, students are encouraged to attend.  Dr. Nemiroff will review the past year of astronomical highlights.

A service of:
NASA Astro-Science Division
Goddard Space Flight Center

Michigan Technical University

Take an on line course by Dr. Nemiroff on You-Tube
Beginners - Introductory Astronomy
The PhysicsX's Channel


Our past DECEMBER 12, 2012  Meeting
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Dr. Paul H. Halpern from University of the Sciences
has published "Edge of the Universe" (available this September.)  He joins us to talk about what we find at the edge, and what possibly lies beyond.  Cosmology, the science of the universe, is undergoing a startling revolution.

Colossal flows of galaxies, large empty regions called voids, and other unexplained phenomena offer clues that our own "bubble universe" could be part of a greater realm called the multiverse!



@ The Franklin Institute
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Recently Published!

Voyage to Jamestown explores how sea navigation was accomplished during the era of discovery. Navigational methods and tools are presented within the setting of their use during a sea voyage of the period. While this voyage features a fictional crew and ship, it is carefully reconstructed from actual events, circumstances, narratives, and historical figures, which demonstrates the challenges of marine navigation within the cultural experience of people who actually traveled the oceans centuries ago.
U.S. Naval Institute website.

Meeting Open to Public

Annie Brogan (Librarian)
Dr. Robert Hicks (Director)
of the M
tter Museum

"Take Two Pills and Call me if Mars Has Entered Libra"

Ms. Brogan has uncovered some amazing medical procedures, some with astronomical/astrological references in the Historical Medical Library of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia.  Both Ms.Brogan MLIS. and Dr. Hicks will be sharing some of their findings.

Our PAST October 10, 2012 Meeting

Keeping Time: The Ancient Maya Calendar
And the Countdown to 2012


University Of Pennsylvania Museum

Open to the Public, Free no admittance fee!
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October 10, 2012  ~Simon Martin, Associate Curator of the American Division, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. joins us to discover Maya culture and calendar.  Open to the public.  

 Check out a movie clip that includes an introduction with Simon Martin at


Our PAST September 12, 2012 Meeting

Caroline Herschel; The Comet Hunter and Juliette Gordon Low; 100 Years of Girl Scouts. Join us for some historical enactments of some outstanding historical women.

Guest Speaker:
Caroline Herschel
portrayed by Lynn King

Project Report:
Juliette Gordon Low
portrayed by Margaret Labosh

Please check out some of our Recent Guest Speakers


Thank you Philadelphia!   Rittenhouse Astronomical Society members take it to the street a the Philadelphia Science Carnival on the Parkway as we assist thousands of visitors this past April to see the best array of sunspots in the past few years!  City Wide Telescope night was the 'icing on the cake!' More here.  


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