Rittenhouse Astronomical Society
Meeting Schedule 2005 / 2006


September 14
Members Night Club Members Present
October 19
What's New in the Cosmos? Keith Johnson: 
 Rowan University
November 9
Deep Space Tour /
 Hubble Highlights
Denise Vacca
Stars on the Move
December 14
Project MoonWatch Ted Kominsky
Starlight Astronomy Association
January 11
Exploring Mars and the
Search for Life
Dr. Ken Kremer
NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador
February 8
New Eyes on the Universe Dr. Kim Weaver
NASA Scientist
March 8
Spring Galaxies Karl Krasley:
Chesmont Ast Society
April 19
Volcanoes of the Deep Sea Dr. Peter Rona
Award Winning Rutgers University Professor

May 31
Book Signing after Lecture

Discovering Our Extraordinary Place in the Cosmos Dr. Joel Primack &
Nancy Ellen Abrams

University of California, Santa Cruz
June 16
Field Trip to:
Mallon Planetarium
Methacton School District
Light Years from Andromeda
Night Sky Presentation:
Ted Williams
Telescope Observation afterwards


 Rittenhouse Record  2006

Meeting Night 6/16/06

Our end-of-year field trip turned into a beautiful night under the stars.  Yes, the weather, and the location came together to offer our society members an excellent evening under clear skies both inside and out.   Our spring field trip found us visiting the Mallon planetarium of the Methacton School District.  It is located on the campus of the Arcola Intermediate School.

We were all treated to a full length feature presentation called Light Years from Andromeda driven by the Spitz ATM4 automation system.  It was then we were to see double. Darkness set early inside the planetarium as we were led through sunset on an orientation to the evening sky by the planetarium director Ted Williams.  A repeat performance as darkness set in outside under the twilight sky with assistance of Alan Daroff, Mike Mountjoy, Dave Walker, Carol Ludolf, their telescopes, their advice, green lasers, the International Space Station all added to a great night under the summer stars.  Read more about our evening in the September Rittenhouse Newsletter.


Meeting Night 5/31/06


Alan Daroff; Vice President
Ted Williams; Secretary  / Ruth List; Treasurer / Carol Ludolph; Member at Large
DR. JOEL PRIMACK; Astrophysicist, Cosmologist, Author / NANCY ELLEN ABRAMS; Author, Historian, Songwriter

Special Thanks for helping with our event as
we extend a warm welcome to a new member:  Margaret Labosh
Peg is a certified event coordinator!


The Franklin Institute can attract the leading scientists and authors in our field, and we benefit greatly from our association with such a fine organization.   Thank you Mr. Phillip Hammer (Vice-President Franklin Center) for your introduction and reception of our members, and stepping up to the duties of moderator for the discussion following the presentation.  I'd also like to thank our Treasurer Ruth List for designing our new  information/membership flyer (you will receive with your June mailing), and her continued assistance in publishing our newsletter.  Also special thanks to Peggy Labosh for assisting with our reception table.

Ted Williams


Meeting Night 4/19/06

Professor Peter Rona showed us a world within our world with his excellent photos and description of life forms living at the bottom of the oceans never seen before. The tube worms and shrimp had different functioning parts compared to the animals living among us. The lack of eyes on the shrimp were explained by the lack of need in the pitch black world miles below the surface.

The audience seemed spellbound and their questions were stimulating. Once again, we are pleased that Bodine High School students attend our lectures.

The night ended with a great finale as we looked at the planets through the telescope of Dave Walker.

Dr. Milton Friedman



Meeting night 3/8/06

Karl brings back some amazing memories with the "Outer Limits" galaxy.

When Karl Krasley was relating his memories of how the Sombrero Galaxy first caught  his attention watching Outer Limits as a child, he struck a chord with our audience.  A little explanation was needed for our younger visitors, but much appreciated by those who grew up with the Outer Limits original television run in black and white.  Those sights have spurred on more than one astronomer!

I think we can all conclude that Karl is a spiral expert.  His first hand observations and guidance as to what can make or break a night observing under the stars was a great warm-up for spring which is just around the corner.  Karl's tips on dark sky sights across Pennsylvania were appreciated by both members and guests. 

Special thanks to Karl and his guests from Chesmont Astronomical Society for sharing their expertise, advice and helpful tips on good telescopes, and great sights.

Dr. Milton Friedman


Meeting night 2/8/06

Dr. Kim Weaver's presentation  "New Eyes on the Universe"  broadened the view for 65 members, guests and students at our recent meeting in the Fels Planetarium.  From Radio Energy through Gamma Rays,  Dr. Weaver was the perfect lens to helps us see, understand and appreciate the view of the cosmos across the electro-magnetic spectrum.

Her presentation truly led all who attended (from novice through enthusiast) to a greater understanding of what lies beyond the spectrum our eyes can see.  The combination of the Digital Sky in the Fels planetarium with the projected images from Hubble, Chandra and Spitzer was a perfect combination of astronomy and beauty.

On behalf of our officers I would like to thank Dr. Weaver for the energy she can generate explaining the invisible Universe and to our members and  guests for their strong support of this evening's presentation. 

If you want to learn more about X-ray astronomy you might try reading Dr. Weavers recent publication "The Violent Universe: Joyrides across the X-ray Cosmos."  Or check out information about the electromagnetic spectrum at:

Dr. Milton Friedman


Meeting night 1/11/2006



Dave Walker Liaison to Fels Planetarium
Mike Mountjoy Member
Dr. Carol Ludolph Member at Large
Ted Williams Secretary / Webmaster / Newsletter
Dr. Ken Kremer Guest Speaker / NASA Ambassador program
Dr. Milton Friedman President
Ruth List Treasurer / Newsletter

~Dr. Kremer engaged the audience and we were off to Mars.  His talk  "Exploring Mars and the Search for Life"  was an adventure from take-off, through touch down.  It didn't stop there! We journeyed across Mars, and through the rovers eyes went mountain climbing, surveying, and moon gazing.  Dust Devil Ally was so realistic on the planetarium dome that we felt like we were there.  I could easily see the interest in the questions and answers that were brought forward by our members and guests.  Many thanks Dr. Kremer, we would be honored to have you speak again next year!

Dr. Milton Friedman

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