~  Renee Stein  ~

University Background: 
Bachelor of Arts ~ Penn State University
Major Emphasis: Philosophy  (Philosophy of Science)
Minor: Astrophysics

Related Work Experience:
New Jersey State Museum Planetarium ~ Planetarium Educator / Console Navigator
Franklin Institute Bloom Observatory ~ Telescope Operator / Educator
Rittenhouse Astronomical Society ~ Educator

Volunteer Experience:
Philadelphia Science Festival 2014, 2015
Super Science Weekends 2005-Current
Astronomy Outreach: Public Observing Nights, Rittenhouse Astronomical Society
Mallon Planetarium Presenter / Console Operator

Professional Affiliations:
Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society
International Planetarium Society


New Jersey State Museum Planetarium ~ Sky Skan Digital Projection System

 New Jersey State Museum Planetarium


 Sky Scan fully Digital Projection System


Minolta MS10 Optical Mechanical Projector
  A 160 Seat Planetarium


  Philadelphia Science Carnival on the Parkway 2015 
What is in the Sky Above?
An innovative exhibit to encourage younger children to look up to observe and imagine.
Participants are shown three constellations in tonight's sky. 
Their location by direction are shared by the presenter along
with how the observer can use them to find planets.
After the presenter shares a few picture prompts and some common descriptions (asterisms,) laser safety is discussed.
If the participants are willing to safely use the lasers, they are encouraged to draw the constellation
they see using large maps of the constellations designed for this exhibit.
(Maps have accurate stick figures, star locations, color and brightness.)


  City Wide Telescope ~Fairhill Cemetery 

As a participating Astronomer, Renee has assisted at sites across Philadelphia
for telescope night, a free event that takes place simultaneously at 30 locations. 
Cemeteries, Public Recreation Centers, Parks, City Commons, Schools,
Colleges and Observatories are typical locations


  Philadelphia Science Carnival on the Parkway 

250+ experiments, exhibits and points of interest
All on the Parkway clustered around the
Franklin Institute




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