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It is with great regret we share the news of the loss of our long time President of the past 35 years, Dr. Milton Friedman.  He passed on April 18th 2014, during his final battle with Cancer. It was Dr. Friedman's dedication to our society along with the help of now Vice President Emeritus Alan Daroff that enabled our society to survive through the turn of the century.  Reshaping our group from one focused as a clearinghouse for astronomical studies to an open society dedicated to education of amateurs, professionals, laymen, educators, students and those with a general interest in astronomy that has kept our society solvent.

Before development of the internet, it was common in the 1950's and 1960's for colleges and universities to send their  astronomy professors and research assistants to Rittenhouse meetings sharing with the scientific community of the Franklin Institute the recent results of their research.  As the internet grew, it became the primary method of conducting research linking colleges directly to the grandest of telescopes.  It also became the most expedient way to disseminate that information to a world wide community. Colleges closed their local observatories, or reduced their research in these centers for better tools and telescopes made available through the World Wide Web.  Personnel were cut or retired and our attendance waned. Our purpose or focus became slightly blurry.

In Memoriam
Dr. Milton Friedman

Dr. Friedman 1981, Astronomy Day
Franklin Hall
The Franklin Institute

Eleanor Valdala (previous president to Dr. Friedman) suggested a new focus for our society, one centered on educating those interested about recent findings in astronomy.  In essence, she challenged us to bring astronomy to the public in a way that is understandable, possibly enjoyable to any who are interested (Note the influence of Franklin Institute and it's approach to science.) 

Dr. Friedman reveled in that challenge and dedicated his presidency to reshaping the organization.  I remember Milt many times saying "Early on, there were too many lectures about a thousand dots on charts most cannot see or read."  His concern was for everyone, no matter what level of experience or background in astronomy, to leave our meetings with a better understanding of the topic at hand or feeling they had a part in contributing to the further understanding of others.

It is with great respect and sorrow that we promote Dr. Friedman to Honorable Past President / Deceased.  His guiding light may now be extinguished, but many fellow members have shared that we know his influence still travels on like starlight continuing it's journey through the Universe.

We all miss you very much Milt, as you will be in our hearts and minds for years to come. (I'll miss your follow up call after you would have proof read this submission.)

Respectfully Submitted 4/24/14:
Ted Williams, Secretary to President Friedman
Vice President RAS



Mailing Address:

Rittenhouse Astronomical Society
P.O. Box 283
Feasterville  PA.  19053-0283

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