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Dec 6, 2012 at 8 PM: Free Public lecture  titled “Atlantis, The Premature End of America’s Shuttle Program and What’s Beyond for NASA” including Curiosity, Orion, SpaceX and more by Ken Kremer at Brookdale Community College/Monmouth Museum and STAR Astronomy Club in Lincroft, NJ


"Curiosity and the Search for Life on Mars (in 3-D)".  8:00 P.M. Tuesday - December 11, 2012  Princeton, NJ ~Peyton Hall on Ivy Lane – The Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton welcomes Dr. Ken Kremer.

 It is a great time to visit the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.  The Maya exhibit can interest all and astronomers with December 2012 approaching.



A new Quasar has erupted in a star system called Centennial School District  located in a constellation known as Warminster PA.  Quasars are thought to be an immense outpouring of energy as a galaxy is formed.  It is a rare and special occurrence when one erupts so close that it is virtually in our back yard!. 

 Philip Vinogradov (Director of the 21st Century Learning Lab)  guides us through the universe (above) in the domed exhibition center.

Collaborating with students in one of the learning laboratories.

Just as a Quasar, Centennial School District has invested in what will be an amazing outpouring of learning energy powered by students in the district.   Please check out their "21st Century Learning Lab"  to get an overview of what the program is about.  The centerpiece of the facility is a domed exhibition area (which doubles as a Planetarium.)  Bravo Centennial School District!  The support of scientific excellence that the Centennial School District Community has invested in is to be commended!



Universe Expanding in Toms River: Novins Planetarium sees first light of new Zeiss projection system coupled with the Zeiss Stargate video immersion system.  Novins Planetarium at the  Ocean County Community College, New Jersey is now refurbished and open for business.

Project ASTRO is a national program that creates long-term partnerships between astronomers and teachers or youth group and community leaders.  

The philosophy behind Project ASTRO is that students learn best when using hands-on inquiry-based activities in combination with a constructivist approach to teaching.  The astronomer is a resource for the teacher both in and outside the classroom and provides students with the unique opportunity to have long-term interactions with a scientist.




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