The purpose of our network is to assist members in making contact with other interested members.  It will serve to bring us together as a virtual group to discuss anything that is astronomy or science related.  Your observations, your questions, and a place to share your interests will guide our topics of discussion.

Below is a snapshot of the site which continually changes from membership input and feedback.


Interested in joining an on-line community with others to share your astronomical interests?

This is a benefit of your membership with the Rittenhouse Astronomical Society. 
Come on and join the fun as we learn to communicate together in an
astronomically focused WEB NETWORK.
  Contact us for your invitation today!

We are requiring that all those interested in entering the network for RAS  post a self picture, or avatar that represents oneself, that would assist other members to identify you.  We think this to be most important since the site is to assist in building a community of interested astronomy enthusiasts.   Since our society has the benefit of meeting monthly in person, putting a name and a face together is of great assistance to extending our community.

We are looking forward to another great year at RAS, and our NetworkING site might be a good way to contact those that you interact with at our meetings. 



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