Are you ready to take your astronomical interest to the next level? Welcome!
The Rittenhouse Astronomical Society is the astronomy club for everyone.
 Join us on the second Wednesday of each month September through June at the Franklin Institute.
Check out recent guest speakers.    Consider meeting with others who share an interest in astronomy!    
Wondering what is in the sky this month? Bring your questions, and your enthusiasm to learn. Open to all with no admittance fee.
  Free, informative ,enlightening and fun.  No obligation to join.


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Our Society Stands Adjourned for the 2016-17 Academic Year

Our Summer Newsletter 2017:

Join us when we return to the Franklin Institute this Fall for our
September 13, 2017 Meeting 7:00 PM
where the public is invited to attend free of charge.

We conduct our business at our monthly meetings. 
If you have questions about our Society you can contact us at:

Although we have no secretaries standing  by,
volunteer officers have access to this mail box.
and will check periodically throughout the summer months..


Summer Public Star Watches:

Join us as at West Jersey Astronomical Society Public Star Watches this summer.  Schedule is posted on their website at:

August 25, 26, & 27, 2017

Wyoming High Country Lodge Star Party:
The Closest  you can stay to Medicine Wheel!  Bighorn Wyoming has some of the darkest skies in the nation.  Join Ted Williams (RAS President) as he returns to WHCL as a featured speaker 2 miles from Medicine Wheel.  This historic "Mystical site" is a featured visit during your weekend stay at the Lodge.  See last year's activities here.


September 13th, 2017 ~ 7:00 PM.
Monthly Meeting: The Franklin Institute

Vacation Guide to the Solar System
Jana Grcevich & Olivia Koski  (Guerilla Science)

Join us for our 2017-18 Academic Year and extend your summer vacation just a bit longer with a Planetary Vacation. Open to the public, no admittance fee, students welcome.  Memberships available at this meeting, renewals appreciated!


We diligently continue work on our Muddy Run Partnership and observatory. 
Details of the project are posted here:



Muddy Run

Holtwood PA
NASA Night Sky Network




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☼ Check out some recent guest speakers and Events.



We share articles submitted by our members on or about the Cross Quarter day of each season.  If members have nothing to say, newsletter is held till articles are submitted.  Any member is welcome to submit an article for our newsletter.


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Summer 2016

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 Previously on this past orbit: 






If I am visiting, where do I park?

Parking in the Franklin Institute garage (entrance on 21st street) is most convenient.  
We cannot validate parking after hours and the full rate is in effect.

Street parking is fairly abundant at meeting time since many are leaving the city.
The yellow areas highlighted below have meter parking in effect till 8:00 pm.
It is more affordable to pay for the 1 hour meter fee if you arrive at 7:00 pm. 
The spots highlighted are within view of the Franklin and are a short easy walk.

How do I enter the building if it is after museum hours?
Employee entrance shown on map is always open. 
There is a security official sitting just inside the door.
If you park in the garage, you enter through the Atrium.
Information desk or security will direct you to the meeting location.



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