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 Join us on the second Wednesday of each month September through June at the Franklin Institute.
Check out recent guest speakers.    Consider meeting with others who share an interest in astronomy!    
Wondering what is in the sky this month? Bring your questions, and your enthusiasm to learn. Open to all with no admittance fee.
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Muddy Run

Holtwood PA
NASA Night Sky Network

Next Open House
April 14





Our Upcoming Meeting

April 17th (Tuesday Meeting)
@ The Franklin Institute

" The Bizarre Cigar
From Another Star " 

Meeting Notice

Guest Presenter:  Robert Naeye
Freelance Journalist, Former editor in chief of Sky and Telescope


For you future planning,
2018 we change our meeting night
 to Third Tuesday of the Month
At the Franklin Institute

May 15, 2018  @ The Franklin Institute
Dr. Hein Nguyen
Senior JPL Research Scientist / Astronomer
Physics: Cal. Tech.
Face time Presentation
[ Meeting Notice ]

June 19, 2018 @ The Franklin Institute
Open House, Members Presentations
Call for presentations: Open to all current members



We Return again this year:
September  7, 8, & 9 / 2018

Wyoming High Country Lodge
Star Watch Weekend:

The Closest  you can stay to Medicine Wheel!  Bighorn Wyoming has some of the darkest skies in the nation.  Join Ted Williams (RAS President) as he returns to WHCL as a featured speaker 2 miles from Medicine Wheel.  This historic "Mystical site" is a featured visit during your weekend stay at the Lodge. 
Reserve Early for a choice of Lodge or Cabin


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Previous Speakers this Year


March 20, 2018
Dr. Derrick Pitts
Chief Astronomer: The Franklin Institute
     [ Meeting Notice ]

February 20, 2018
Professor Eric L. N. Jensen: Exoplanets
Swathmore Astronomy
     [ Meeting Notice ]

January 16,  2018
Louis Berman: Scope Seeing
Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers
     [ Meeting Notice ]


January 6, 2018
Dr. Robert Nemiroff: Astronomy Picture of the Day
Michigan Technical University
    [ Meeting Notice ]

December 12, 2017
David Brown: Rittenhouse, Past & Future
JPL/ Long time Member
     [ Meeting Notice ]

November 8, 2017
Diane Turnshek - Light Pollution Defense Kit
Dept. of Physics at Carnegie Mellon University / Physics and Astronomy at University of Pittsburgh
     [ Meeting Notice ]
TED Talk

Dr. Paul Halpern
University of the Sciences
 The Quantum Labyrinth

Olivia Koski: Vacation Guide to the Solar Vacation Guide to our Solar System
(Guerilla Science)

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