We welcome all interested to a High Country Star Retreat!
September 9,10 & 11 ~ 2016

Exclusive weekend for our lodge guests.
Wyoming High Country Lodge

Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming

 The closest you can stay to Medicine Wheel !

Astronomers, Amateur Astronomers, Astronomy Enthusiasts,
 in fact any who have an interest (their friends and families) are
all invited as Wyoming High Country Lodge holds an astronomical retreat. 

 Join us for our Second Star Party!

  You can be closer than ever to the stars where we have the darkest skies in the nation! 

Truly, the Milky Way appears as a wide abundant river of light splashing across the celestial backdrop
of the never-ending Wyoming sky! 

We will feature special astronomy themed activities/presentations in our lodge for patrons to attend.  With binoculars and telescopes we will be joined by Astronomy Educator Ted Williams to guide our lodge guests as we view the splendor of our night skies.  Join us at 9,000 feet of elevation atop the Bighorn Mountain Range.

Ted Williams

Presenter at the Hayden Planetarium (American Museum of Natural History),
 President / Educator for the Rittenhouse Astronomical Society
(Fels Planetarium: Franklin Institute.)  Member of the Solar System Ambassador Program NASA/JPL, Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society, International Planetarium Society

  Ted's experience hosting telescope star parties promises us some special astronomical observing sessions. Activities and presentations in our lodge in the afternoon and  alternate flat screen sky presentations in our lodge by night if rain obscures the view.

Amateur Astronomer Matthew Edwards, wildlife guide, amateur astronomer states "Skies so dark that the Milky Way appears three dimensional."  Astronomy Educator Ted Williams found "So many stars in a telescope view that dark nebula are stunningly obvious as they stand out in silhouette.  Andromeda appears large enough that it can barely be contained in a binocular view!"